The 7 deadly mistakes marketers make with order pages

Obviously the biggest challenge of selling products or services online is to make sales.

As a marketer you have to work hard to get a prospect to visit your order (or checkout) page. But the sad reality is.. a lot of that hard work is often undone by the way an order page is presented.

And if the prospect doesn’t feel confident enough to purchase, they’ll just exit the page and quickly forget all about your product.

So with that said, here are the 7 deadly mistakes marketers make with order pages… and 3 killer bonus tips to boost conversions.

Deadly order from mistake #1: Having an unsecured page.

For obvious reasons having an unsecured order form looks unprofessional and immediately creates doubt in the mind of the prospect.

Most browsers will show “Not Secure” (or words to that effect in the URL bar of the browser) if the page is not secured.

Solution… make sure you get a SSL certificate and your URL starts with https:// (and not http://)

Deadly order from mistake #2: Asking for unnecessary information

For example… if you’re selling a digital download you don’t need to ask for a physical mailing address. Best practices suggest (but this is worth testing) to ask for only the minimum amount of contact information possible.

The more fields on your order form, the more work it is for the prospect to fill out.

Solution… only ask for the bare minimum amount of info you need (you can always ask for more AFTER the purchase)

Deadly order from mistake #3: Only providing one payment option

Some people prefer payment method A, and others prefer payment method B… whilst some would rather use payment method C.

Just providing one payment option is a sure conversion killer. Sure it may be less work and more convenient for you, but it will repel some people from buying.

Solution… Add as many of the major payment methods as possible (Credit card and PayPal being the most obvious ones)

Deadly order from mistake #4: Adding a separate shipping charge to the order

I know shipping costs money… but the fact is this is a huge turn-off for customers. Adding a seperate shipping charge will annoy your customers. And many will change their mind immediately.

Solution… Factor the cost of shipping into the product price, or find other clever ways of covering the shipping costs at your end.

Deadly order from mistake #5: Not including testimonials from happy customers

Most new customers are still making up their mind when they hit your order page. If they don’t see any social proof on the page, then they may not trust your business enough to whip out their wallet and purchase.

Solution… Add powerful (but genuine) testimonials from customers on the page. Adding Facebook comments praising your business is also a great idea.

Deadly order from mistake #6: Not making it clear exactly what they are going to get

Yes, you may have covered this in detail on your order page, but people forget quickly. If they are in doubt about exactly what they are getting for their money, they will likely decide not to buy.

Solution… Add a summary (with pictures) that makes it crystal clear what they are going to get, and include the real life value of each item… including a total value of everything.

Deadly order from mistake #7: Not making it clear that the payment button is “actually a button”

Often I see payment buttons (or images of payment buttons) that blend in with the page and don’t look like a button. This can cause friction and confusion.

The customer can easily lose their “buying momentum” if it’s not clear what they need to do to submit the order.

Solution… use button colours that contrast the rest the page, use icons on the button, and make the button look like a 3D button if possible.

The good news is it’s possible to implement ALL of these solutions above using ClickFunnels. With just a few tweaks you can quickly create high converting pages in a snap.

Now as a bonus… I would also recommend the following three additions to boost conversions.

  1. Use exit pops to offer some sort of discount or offer as a last resort to make the sale
  2. Add order bumps so the customer can easily tick a checkbox to add something to their order
  3. Set up targeted retargeting specifically aimed at those people who reached your order form page, but didn’t reach your order confirmation page (or whatever you call your conversion page).

So there you have it… let me know if you have any questions.

Scott Dudley

Scott Dudley is a Funnel Consultant and Strategist From Perth, Australia. He is also a full time employee at Click Funnels, currently working as a Technical Support Specialist. After spending about 4 years as a Freelance Copywriter he branched out in the world of funnels. He enjoys helping business owners grow and scale their business with funnels. If you'd like to ask Scott a question about funnels (or hire him as a consultant) please visit the link below.