How to generate leads without asking for an email address

Every business needs to generate leads, there’s simply no way around it.

And asking for email addresses has been the most common online lead generation method, since the Internet began way back in the 90’s.

But the problem with asking for email addresses is…

People are more reluctant than ever to sign up for things and give their email address.

Or if they do sign up, it’s quite often a bogus email address where they rarely check the inbox.

So the point is… to capture someones primary email address is quite tough nowadays.

However there’s an excellent new feature that ClickFunnels has introduced recently called the “Facebook Optin”.

What this allows you to do is add a button to your page (which can be customised like any other button in ClickFunnels) that when clicked on captures the emails address of the visitor… and adds it to the list you have assigned to your funnel.

And if the user is already signed in to Facebook, they won’t even know you have captured their email address.

So while it is a good idea to be transparent and make it clear they will be added to a mailing list, this is optional and not compulsory.

Being able to do this significantly increases your conversion for the following two reasons

  1. The user doesn’t have to type anything in (they only click the button) so it’s easy
  2. You are not asking for an email address, so they are much more inclined to just click the button and claim their free gift

It’s also absolutely perfect if you are sending traffic from Facebook as well, as you know for sure they are logged in.

I’ve been using it and I can assure you it is a real game changer.

So if you’re already using ClickFunnels, then I highly recommend you give it a try.

And if you’re not a current ClickFunnels member… then you may as well give the 14 day free trial a go and test out this feature.

I’m sure you’ll find just as cool as I have.



Scott Dudley

Scott Dudley is a Funnel Consultant and Strategist From Perth, Australia. He is also a full time employee at Click Funnels, currently working as a Technical Support Specialist. After spending about 4 years as a Freelance Copywriter he branched out in the world of funnels. He enjoys helping business owners grow and scale their business with funnels. If you'd like to ask Scott a question about funnels (or hire him as a consultant) please visit the link below.