Fishing for the right lead magnet

One things I get asked a lot is…

What is the best type of lead magnet to use.

And to answer that… I tell people to think of fish.

You see, if a pro fisherman wants to catch Snapper, there’s an ideal bait designed to catch that.

Or if they want to catch¬†Barramundi, then there’s an ideal bait for that.

Same thing goes for Whiting, Coral Trout, Cod or Threadfin Salmon.

The point is… for best results you wouldn’t use exactly the same bait for all fish.

And when it comes to lead magnets for marketing, it’s the same scenario.

Every market is different.

The people in each market have different problems, challenges, fears, desires and enemies.

So it’s your job to research your market and find the answers.

What burning issue is your market experiencing that you can solve for them for free?

But that said, there are 8 things that define the perfect lead magnet, according to Ryan Deiss’s company, Digital Marketer.

In summary, here they are:

1) Ultra specific. Must offer an ultra-specific solution to an ultra-specific market

2) One big thing. Deliver on one big promise rather than a number of small ones

3) Speaks to a known desired end result. Give them something they REALLY want (and would pay money for)

4) Immediate gratification. Give them something exciting immediately (rather than over a long email series)

5) Shifts the relationship. The lead magnet should pre-frame them to engage in future business with you

6) High perceived value. Make it look like professional and worth something

7) High actual value. Ensure you both promise and deliver something outstanding and useful to them

8) Rapid Consumption. Should be able to consume whatever it is in less than 5 minutes.

I think the most important point here is a lead magnet will be only successful if its something you could actually charge money for…

It it fails that test, then it’s highly unlikely it will generate you a lot of leads.

So don’t be afraid to give away something amazing as your lead magnet.

Think of it as a loss leader… that is bringing in targeted people into your funnel… who are a good chance of turning into paid customers.

Plus, because the lead magnet is the very front end of your funnel… it’s important to get this right.

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Scott Dudley

Scott Dudley is a Funnel Consultant and Strategist From Perth, Australia. He is also a full time employee at Click Funnels, currently working as a Technical Support Specialist. After spending about 4 years as a Freelance Copywriter he branched out in the world of funnels. He enjoys helping business owners grow and scale their business with funnels. If you'd like to ask Scott a question about funnels (or hire him as a consultant) please visit the link below.